Bay City Church (South Africa) manipulated me and lied about me

Former faithful member of Bay City Church in South Africa shared how the church abused and lied about him to others, worsening his medical condition without offering help to alleviate his family’s poverty.

I first got saved in primary school when my science teacher introduced me to Jesus. I then left the Catholic church my parents put me in and joined charismatic churches who drew me further away from God with their blasphemies and hurt.

For instances, Fathers House church prevented me from serving in the church after they discovered my mental disability; the youth camp head pastor of Cross Roads Church in Westering lied that the Holy Spirit revealed I had porn addiction which I should be delivered, despite me suffering from no such problem. It was later revealed that this pastor went through everybody’s cell phones with those foul pictures and wrongly assumed I had the problem.

I grew very reluctant to ever set foot in a church again.

As long as the money kept rolling in to fund their luxury and travels, the treatment met on different church members based on wealth was appalling.

In 2013, I was diagnosed as medically bordered, placed on a vast range of chronic medications and permanently disabled due to severe and unlawful trauma and victimization subjected upon me over a period of 12 years by my previous employer, the NMMU (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University).

An elder from Bay City Church, part of the NCMI (New Covenant Ministries International), met with me regularly for Christian counselling since my breakdown, slowly luring me into a false sense of security, until after a one year, I finally joined their church. Some of their prophets and prophetesses then spoke “words of knowledge and prophecies” over me, claiming that the Holy Spirit had told them that my calling in with the kids’ ministry, that I should abandon all my academics and sports as they are “idols”. I was encouraged to spend time with the kids before and after church services, play with them, as well as accompany them on city love outreach programs during the week to play with underprivileged kids in the rural areas. This continued for 3 years.

In 2016, when DA (Democratic Alliance) mayor Trollip took over from ANC ( African National Congress), he removed my elderly widowed, state pensioned mother’s municipal rates rebate, cutting our lights and plunging us into darkness and despair in an already badly dilapidated house with no hot water or toilet facilities. This forced me against doctor’s orders to get out of my sick bed and seek part-time jobs to supplement my disability income in order to place food on the table every day. The stress was overwhelming and resulted in my relapse and hospitalization.

Despite knowing full well about my poor living conditions at home and my fragile medical state, Bay City called me in after an anonymous parent complained about me playing games with the kids before and after church services. They told me it was unbiblical and unnatural for an adult to play with kids on church premises and that this would affect their public image. They worried I would potentially commit a paedophile act, in light of a recent but unrelated scandal in Cape Town where a girl was raped by a church elder. What was worse, they said the Holy Spirit contradicted Himself and told them that I should stay away from all children from now on. I was to submit to their requests without question as the “anointed authority who will dictate all matters in the church”. Yet, ironically at the same time, another adult church member regularly gave out sweets to the children at every meeting, because he was a regular heavy tither as opposed to me who was too poor to tithe.

This manipulative domineering attitude, mainly led by their head pastor Nick van Rensburg, clearly showed that they were more concerned with money and public image than conforming to God’s biblical standards. As long as the money kept rolling in to fund their luxury and travels, the treatment met on different church members based on wealth was appalling.

I have tried to practise those “spiritual gifts” but never came right, just once but back then, I was unsure if it was from God or a trick of Satan. These charismatic churches all claim to have all these supernatural gifts and I wondered why I did not have them till I realized they were fake and demonic.

God never contradicts Himself. His Word is always truth. This was when I realised that Bay City was in error.

I met with Bay City Church 3 times to try to explain their errors from the bible, to rebuke and reprove with righteous judgement from the bible, but on each occasion, they were too puffed up to listen. Bible verses were perverted to satisfy fleshly desires. Women could be pastors, being drunk in the Holy Spirit was allowed, random interpretations of dreams and visions, etc. – you name it.

In retaliation for exposing them, Bay City Church began spreading slanderous rumours about me to various other people and institutions around the city, many of whom blindly and gullibly believe their lies and falsehoods. I was cut out from their lives.

Their slanders resulted in another major relapse in my condition and doctors have booked me back into hospital again, only this time, I could not afford the medical fees. So, I sit at home in a broken state, unable to do part-time work due to the trauma and I have now regressed me back to where I was in 2013. My mother sent a desperate plea to them for help on Facebook, which they ignored and deleted.

During my time with the church, numerous “bad luck” incidents happened to me. I realised that ungodly soul ties and transference of evil spirits have occurred during several of their unbiblical attempts to “deliver me”, which ironically opened more doors to demonic and satanic attacks, which is proving hard to break and cast out.

Despite their foul treatment, my real concern is for all the other members who have been misled, and those who are too afraid to stand up for truth and righteousness against such a powerful and popular institution. I cannot just turn a blind eye as some have suggested because innocent souls are at stake.

The Bible warns of many false prophets arising in the last days, where many will be lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God ( 2 Timothy 3:1-5). Persecution will happen when you stand up for the true faith.

Bay City Church is a bunch of dishonest brood of poisonous vipers of their father Satan, serving a false jesus and dying in their sins. My word to those who are still in the church: Get out and flee from them and do not end up in hell with them. Only the truth, the real gospel truth will set you free.

Child of the true God, Jesus Christ,

First published on our Facebook on 1 May 2018

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