Are you an Ex-Charismatic?

If you’re a former Charismatic or want to leave the Charismatic movement but you still want to follow Christ & seek the truth, you’ve come to the right place.

Who are we?

Started as a Facebook ministry in 2014, Ex-Charismatics was launched when the need for post-Charismatic platform and support was realised.

Leaving the Charismatic movement is never easy.

Many former Charismatics require long-term support and clear biblical direction after being brain-washed, oppressed, even abused by their Charismatic cults. Those who left have reported being abandoned, treated like outcasts or distanced by friends, families and loved ones who are still inside the movement.

A lack of adequate support and empathic understanding can result in many former members falling into depression, post-trauma confusion, seeking sin or worldly desires to numb their pain, or even renouncing the Christian faith altogether. In the quest for truth, some have unknowingly fallen into other deceptive cults or denominations for shelter and acceptance.

Ex-Charismatics hopes that former Charismatics are supported through the sharing of testimonies, biblical encouragement, re-learning the Bible and warning of false movements and false teachers in the last days.

Like you, we are born-again Christians who left the heretical Charismatic movement & embraced the true gospel of Jesus Christ from the inerrant Word of God. We have gone through similar experiences and we praise the Lord on how He has pulled us out and given us more strength, joy and peace than ever.

We are KJV-Bible believers who are non-Calvinist and non-Arminianist, and who hold to the view that salvation cannot be lost and that it is purely the work of Christ. We are not to be confused with Ruckmanism (popularly referred to as KJV Onlyism (KJVO) but its label has been mistakenly used to accuse any ministry that uses the KJV without being a Ruckmanite). Click here to view Our Statement of Faith

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Testimonies of former Charismatics

Find out how these people got involved with the Charismatic movement before the Lord pulled them out. May their testimonies be a blessing to you.

Relearn the Bible

We cover common Bible topics which are written and sectioned in a way to help former Charismatics understand their right contexts within Scripture.

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How can I donate to you?

We don’t accept donations, but rather we encourage you to use your money to help another Christian in need or invest your money in spreading the Gospel.

Please avoid anyone who tries to solicit donations or funds in our name, and if possible, report them to us. Thank you.

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