After I was baptised, I experienced demonic dreams

Former Charismatic shares how she was almost coerced to speak in tongues and suffered from demonic nightmares after she was baptized in a Charismatic assembly.

I’m originally from the Caribbean and I live in Canada. My grandmother was a Methodist and even though I grew up in the Methodist assembly, I did not stay on for long. I was not saved then. At that time, I was based in Toronto, Ontario.

I lived a life without God for so many years until I felt the need to seek God. I thought I needed to attend a church to know God, so I called a friend and asked her about Christianity. She introduced me to her African Charismatic church. It was not boring but rather, fun and entertaining, including their upbeat praise and worship time. I felt so welcome so I stayed there for 2 years.

During my time there, speaking in “tongues” was common and they expected everyone to speak it. I never spoke in tongues. All I wanted was to hear the Gospel and get to know Christ but everything was about tongues, sign gifts and whether they had the “anointing” or not. 

I felt “fire” all over my body, tingling and burning, like pins and needles. That same night, I dreamt a demonic spirit threatened to take me to Hell.

When we went on retreats, the focus was always on the experiences of the “sign gifts” – tongues, casting demons out of people, healing, preaching on generational curses and hyped-up testimonies. I still did not speak in tongues and there were others that did not as well. They took these people downstairs to a room where they would force their hands on them to make them speak it. They even wanted to do this to me. In the end, nothing rolled off my tongue. One woman even lamented that I should be able to speak in tongues already since I was in the church for so long, but thank God I had no interest nor care to speak it anyway. 

The assembly never really preached about the Gospel or expository Bible studies. Even if they did read the Bible, it was read through their lens and perspective, not from God’s perspective from His Word.

They even invited notable Charismatic preachers like David Hogan from Freedom Ministries and ministers from T.D Jakes’ The Potter’s House Church to speak at their services. I did not feel comfortable, but I would brush it off and assure myself that “it’s no big deal since there’s no perfect church out there in the world”.

I relocated to Windsor, Ontario where I attended another Charismatic church in which I stayed on for 3 years.

During a trip to Israel with this second church, I got baptized in the Jordan river. The strangest thing happened after that. I felt “fire” all over my body, tingling and burning, like pins and needles. That same night, I dreamt a demonic spirit threatened to take me to Hell. This went on the second time. Even though they were both dreams, what went on felt so real and I was mentally aware and awake throughout my sleep. It was unexplained, strange and scary. I could feel two demonic spirits: one tried to pull my spirit out of my body and another touched my toes, and inside, I wrestled against them by declaring that I belonged to Jesus.

Unfortunately, those dreams did not stop there. Demonic dreams became common occurrences. Once, I dreamt I was eating and flying and I could hear demonic tongues in my head. I did not enjoy a peaceful sleep for many nights. As a result, I confided in some members about my experience. Instead, the reaction I got was a mix of dismissal and surprise. One even remarked that God would protect him from anything bad. Either ways, I received no help or answers from them. 

For a while now, I had this unexplained gut feeling that something was wrong. I even shared with the “pastor” about disagreements and concerns I had with their teachings but my feelings were dismissed. Still, I did not think about how those demonic dreams were connected to the Charismatic movement I was in.

I was starting to crave for sound doctrine really badly, so I started researching about false doctrines. The more I discovered, the more I realised how deceived I was and how big of a dangerous deception the Charismatic movement is – it’s one big Kundalini experience disguised as the work of the Holy Spirit!

None of the Charismatic preachers preached expository sermons on the Bible. No Gospel, no Hell, no repentance. It was all experiences and getting the good life now. I became disinterested in the Charismatic sermons that I finally walked away from the movement altogether. 

I also listened and understood the Gospel from online preaching.

After I left, I tried to convince members whom I considered friends about the truth. No one wanted to leave. Even the “pastor” accused me of having a different spirit. Instead, they kicked me off their group and any other of their associations I was in without telling me. 

The demonic dreams continued however although they occurred less now, and I could only go to sleep after I read my Bible. I had to renounce this Charismatic witchcraft and its occult and those dreams would stop, but I still get attacked every now and again. 

Since leaving the Charismatic movement in January this year, it has been a sad and lonely journey without much support. But God’s working on me and He’s got my back, and I’m trying to get to know Him through the studying of His Word. I’m still a work in progress. 

To Charismatics out there, if you’re seeking signs and wonders, ask yourself if it is worth your soul because Matthew 7:21-23 says that not everyone who performs signs and wonders in His name will enter Heaven. None of your works can save you. Only the true Jesus of the Bible, not of the Charismatic movement, can save you from Hell. 

Seek God and ask Him to show you the truth because eternity in Hell is no joke. 

Reider Williams

One thought on “After I was baptised, I experienced demonic dreams

  1. The Charismatic Church has been channeling the same occultic revelations as mystics Jane Lead and Alice Bailey.
    RUN from false teacher Mike Bickle, Bill Johnson, Benny Hinn etc~! Costi Hinn is Benny Hinns nephew who gives his testimony of why he got out of the Charismatic Church. Read your Bible, never hunger again. Drink of the Water of Life, never thirst again. But the Charismatic church wants more power, more dreams, more anointings, more experiences, more signs, more wonders, more words of knowledge, (?) more trances, more healings, more visions, more baptisms, etc! THIS IS NOT CHRISTIAN! Jesus said, “SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES for they testify of Me.” John 5 The Bible is SUFFICIENT!


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