Part 3: Tongues – Gibberish or Real?

Tongues – the phenomena of this so-called “heavenly language” can be found in both Catholic and Charismatic circles. As a result, evangelical unity are made between those who share this “spiritual gift of tongues” regardless of denominations and differing core beliefs. Is this biblical? Is the phenomena of tongues still happening post-apostles era?

Part 2: The Sign Gifts: Ceased or in Operation?

The Sign Gifts – highly regarded in Charismatic circles, its phenomenon is growing even in the Roman Catholic Church. Charismatic evangelicals and Catholics are holding hands together as a result in the unity of such gifts. However, are the sign gifts still in operation? Is God still working through them? Are the sign gifts we see today the same as in the Bible?

Christmas: To celebrate or not to celebrate?

When it comes to Christmas, there are 2 main differing views in Christendom. One group supports celebrating it and the other group opposes its celebration. Some have asked or debated on this topic, whether it is sin to celebrate it or not. After much research on this controversial topic, the answer here may surprise both parties on this issue.