Joseph Prince taught me a different jesus that is not of the Bible

New Creation Church, Singapore

Former New Creation Church (NCC) member reveals the shocking truth about Joseph Prince and why NCC’s jesus is different from the Jesus of the Bible.

I was a Muslim and became a Christian in 2003 at another church. My wife and I started attending New Creation Church (NCC) in 2005.

When I first attended NCC, I felt welcomed and not judged. It was an overall positive experience with good messages. My first impression of Joseph Prince (JP) was an honest guy speaking his mind. The depth of the messages, initially I thought they were good. JP used loads of Bible references as compared to the previous church. He also uses a lot of the Hebrew roots study method. I liked that cerebral stuff. But I soon realised much of this material is available online.I served in the pastoral care ministry for about 1 year prior to having kids. Part of the interview process was asking whether I had been tithing for the past 6 months. A friend mine wanted to serve as well and was asked this same question. I thought it odd, but since i was tithing then, it wasn’t a problem. But this is a consistent fact for church members who want to serve in any ministries within NCC.

[Joseph Prince’s] persona on the pulpit has always been charismatic, on many occasions self-centred and ego-centric, prideful over his achievements of building a church so big.

I was serving in a tiny role as an usher in the Wedding Preparations Seminar. Very far away from the inner circle.

If someone tried to correct me about NCC or JP back then, I would of course, be defensive and spouted every letter of JP’s teachings. I too studied the Bible, but at that time it was through the lens of JP.I only knew JP as Senior Pastor of NCC. No personal experience with him one to one. His persona on the pulpit has always been charismatic, on many occasions self-centred and ego-centric, prideful over his achievements of building a church so big.

He has a tendency to challenge other pastors or teachers of the Word indirectly by not mentioning names. Here are some common challenges he would typically say:

“If you’re teaching the Word correctly, how come your church does not have many testimonies of healing?”

“If you’re teaching the Word correctly, how come your church size is shrinking?”

He goes to say that NCC has many emails coming in every week about healing testimonials, and that the church is growing so fast and large etc.

Only recently this year in 2015, our family stopped going to NCC because we woke up from the spell. I was also concerned for my kids, what they were teaching at the Children’s Church. Everything taught in NCC was about Jesus.

Everything is about Grace. Everything is give thanks to Jesus. How about give thanks to God the Father? I’m not reducing the significance and importance of Jesus. But Jesus was sent to us to know the Father. JP has created a barrier to the Father by creating this false “Genie Jesus” as I call it. Sure they did teach about Joseph, Daniel and all the other Bible heroes but it always ended up being Genie-Jesus-centric. JP creates this image of Jesus that suits his personal agenda, which is to sell more books, DVDs, etc. and to convince people to tithe to NCC. As you know the famous message of “Your Tithe Testifies He’s Alive!” – that message was, if I remember correctly, delivered by Pastor Lian.

Our Christian walk should point to YHVH. Through seeing Jesus in the Bible, we see the Father’s heart. But Jesus should not be used like a magic genie and grant you 3 wishes sort of thing.

I was OK with such teachings at first until somewhere after 2012 or so, I started reading and learning from other pastors and teachers. At NCC, we took sin lightly. Sin as explained by NCC is “Hamartia” = Missing the mark. Problem was they did not dwell on the moral consequences. The fundamental pillars of moral values found in the 10 commandments are not taught. This is another problem with NCC. The total eradication of God’s Holy Laws. We also ended up becoming materialistic, to which I’ve honestly asked myself, is that really God’s desire for me and my family?

Besides the cult worship status of JP and his ability to sway tens of thousands to “tithe” to the church, miracle seed sundays, etc, the fundamental problem was exalting the Genie Jesus instead of Abba Father God/YHVH.When the church management made the announcement that JP and his family may move to the US to “plant a church”, that’s when I started digging and found out that the Joseph Prince Ministries is a registered company in the US. This must be odd and somebody is moving money around…just my thoughts here (see…/joseph-prince-ministries… / check out the Financials tab in the link too).

I was surprised to find out many ex-NCC people who questioned JP’s teachings. So they just started looking elsewhere. I met many senior members outside of church attending other bible study seminars. At last year’s lecture series by Pastor Stephen Armstrong from Verse by Verse Ministry at YMCA, I was pleasantly surprised to see many familiar faces.Since we were not part of any cell group for a long time, we just stopped going to NCC. We now attend a small, simple church where the first thing we did was sit through the Sunday school for the kids to check their teachings.We thank God for pulling us out and showing us His truth from His Word.

Sam*, former NCC member (*Name has been changed to protect his identity)

First published on our Facebook on 1 December 2015

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