I saw demonic influence disguised as the works of the Holy Spirit

Former Pentecostal tells of how he saw people possessed by demons in the guise of the “Holy Spirit”, and the rampant sin of divorce and fornication in the Charismatic movement.

I come from a family that were Pentecostals for 3 generations. I have witnessed many things in the movement that is both shocking and unscriptural. I had many friends who were Pentecostals. One of them, his father was a Pentecostal pastor. Once I told him that I did not have the gift of tongues, he laughed at me and said that I was not a Christian etc. Even though I read the Bible, I only read it for the sake of pleasing God so that He can reward me with great prosperity in my life. I was blind to biblical revelation then because I was not saved, even though I thought I was then, since the natural man cannot understand nor know the things of the Spirit of God (1 Cor 2:14).

I did not know then it was Satan’s lie to get me to believe that I was really a great man of God, like a “little christ”. I was actually inviting demonic influence into my life without realizing it!

I had many “prophets” telling me that I was greatly anointed. Yet, at the same time I remembered that only Christ carried this title. My then-church even boasted that one of the “miracles” they saw are people flying in the air (levitation – a common practice in Eastern occults)! Though I did not see it myself, the other members claimed to have witnessed such things. I finally began to be able to “speak in tongues” and experience being “slain in the spirit”. I once saw people, including unbelievers, trembling several times. I thought they were being filled by the Holy Spirit. I even had bad dreams and visions of Satan. When I saw such things, I felt supernatural and thought I was doing something right, else the Devil would not target me. I did not know then it was Satan’s lie to get me to believe that I was really a great man of God, like a “little christ”. I was actually inviting demonic influence into my life without realizing it!

Despite my gifts, I was not free from sin. I began to notice in many charismatic churches, divorce and fornication are rampant among the members. I even heard a charismatic “prophet” telling someone to “leave your wife for someone else”! At this point, I was so disturbed that I started to question everything I was taught.

Unlike many ex-Charismatics, I did not find it hard to leave the movement. I was already questioning everything they did, including the teachings of Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyers and so on, that the church I was in was heavily promoting. Whenever I watched Benny Hinn on TV, I could see he has the Devil in him, since he promoted the heresy that the death of Christ on the cross was just a spiritual one. When I questioned my then-church on these issues, instead of addressing them kindly, they became aggressive towards me and refused to listen to me, turning a blind ear to the heresies I questioned.

Once I left, I fell into deep depression for 6 months. During the period of depression, I struggled with many blasphemous thoughts and even quit my job. Yet, I continue to seek the truth in God’s Word. I began studying, researching on what it means to be saved, and constantly examined myself to test if I was really in the faith. I started by getting exposed to good teachings online, and then through prayer and kind Christians who helped me, I finally got saved and overcame my depression. I stopped speaking in tongues in an instant the moment I believed in the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and I stopped having demonic dreams.

Since studying greatly about the charismatic movement and its ecumenical liaison with the unsaved and other heretical denominations like Catholicism, I realised that this movement is infested with many demonic spirits operating behind the scenes, whom many have falsely assumed it to be the work of the Holy Spirit! I have even heard of charismatics ending up at mental hospitals because of the demonic spirits they came in contact with during their time in Charismania.

A friend of mine did challenge some tongues-speaking Pentecostals, and when questioned if they believed in Christ who was God manifested in the flesh, many of them denied Christ or was not even sure! I have tried to convince my friends and loved ones who are still in this movement, but was greeted with Mafia-like aggression, anger and refusal to listen to the truth. I pray that people will get out of this dangerous movement.

As for the pastor I mentioned earlier, his son* came to the knowledge of the Cross half a year ago, and is now a saved man and have ceased speaking in tongues. My parents have also left the movement, Hallehluja! God bless.

Brother V.

First published on our Facebook on 9 September 2015

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